Nancy Brittain

Nancy Brittain


Iā€™m Nancy Brittain and LaRubia Design is the inspiration and face of my visual creations ā€” like me, but more daring and unpredictable.

Drawing, painting and working with fabric were in my blood from an early age.  Nature and the iconic architecture of Chicago aroused a love of patterns found in essential forms and repetition; while second-hand, Vogue magazines awakened an interest in avant-garde fashion and the seductive qualities of fabric.

City planning became my first career though my creative side was always stirring. While transitioning from work to raising my daughter, I began to learn about print-making and repeat patterns through the Rhode Island School of Design. Now I create patterns and motifs, usually painted with gouache or hand drawn. Photoshop and Illustrator are my tools for laying out repeat patterns and creating colorways.

Lovely Rhode Island has been my home for many years, though my roots (and a bit of my heart) lie in the Midwest.


LaRubia Design

43 Betsey Williams Drive Cranston, RI 02905


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